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Hello! I'm Shannon! I'm an emoji using, sailor talking, wine drinking, chatterbox. I'm your ultimate hype woman and can't wait to tell you how amazing you are throughout our photo session. 

Some background on me: I was born and raised in Redmond, WA. I'm a CWU Alum with a degree in Event Planning. I never knew career-wise what I would be doing with my life. Photography was always there for me when I was feeling lost or confused about my life path. It dawned on me one day that I kept going back to photography between jobs and school years... Why not just make it my full time career? So here we are!


Life would not be complete without my forever puppy Beau. If you're already wondering if you should bring your dog to our session, the answer is 1000x yes. I'm excellent at getting their attention for the perfect photo. And I give the best ear scratches.

 I'm already so honored that you're considering me to take your photos. The ultimate goal is to provide you with "frame on the wall" worthy photos that you will stare at for years to come. Photos should be displayed and celebrated, and I intend on giving you just that and more! Your photo session should be uniquely tailored to your style and personality. 


I hope you know that you're not just a client to me. I already consider you a friend, and I hope we stay in each others lives forever! Please explore the rest of my website and reach out with any questions!


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