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I always offer my services to friends and family, but these engagement pictures were a little different. I didn't offer, I insisted. So Josh and I loaded up the dog and headed for Portland on Friday.

I had no idea where to even go in Portland for photos. Luckily Ashley is a native and knows parks and downtown streets that served as the perfect backdrop. We stopped by the farmers market on the waterfront where we used an old sewage plant (not as smelly as you'd think) and surrounding fall trees.

We've all been friends since college. Josh and I actually introduced these two back in 2013. They connected through a drinking game (which we may have let them win) and have been inseparable ever since. 6 years later they're getting married!

Andy's got great taste in diamonds. The sparkle on this thing is blinding!

The streets of Portland turned out to be the perfect place for pictures. An urban setting comes with it's challenges though. Traffic (or trains in this case) as well as crowds are a factor you have to keep in mind. This session took a bit longer than normal because we had to keep pausing, but in the end we had lots of content!

Andy and Ashley - I'm so beyond excited for the next chapter of your lives. And I cannot wait to be there to witness it. Thank you for allowing me to take your engagement photos!

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