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What to Expect...


First, you'll read over the contract and answer some of my questions so I can get to know you a little better. You'll pay a booking fee when you are ready, then I'll put you on my calendar!

Locations & Styling

Your session is tailored around your personal style. We'll talk about possible locations, the style of session you want, and some outfits you have in mind! 


We'll arrive at the chosen location, test the lighting for a minute, and then go go go! We will make great use of your time, don't worry!

Post Process

Give me up to 3 weeks to get your images ready and then I will e-mail you a link to your online gallery. From there you can download straight to your device, order prints, and share on social media!

How Should I Look?

Choose outfits that are flattering and compliment your personal style. This is a time to showcase who you are and who you want to be as a young adult. Also be aware of the season when choosing clothes. I would not recommend a thick sweater in the summer time. Solid colors, muted patterns are recommended as well. If shooting with another person (i.e. couples and families) then you want your outfits to coordinate, not perfectly match. I would be more than happy to help you with this if needed. Another tip is little to no sequins or “bedazzling” on your clothing. You don’t want the clothes to draw the eyes away from the beautiful person wearing them! Same rules apply to flashy jewelry.

Your hair does not have to be professionally styled. However, please do not arrive with wet and/or         un-styled hair. For ladies, simple straight or lightly curled are two reliable styles. For men, combed and lightly gelled works great! Hair accessories are also completely up to you!

Makeup should be realistic. By this I mean if you are an avid lipstick wearer, then keep rockin' it! If you tend to wear lighter makeup, then please stick to your regular look. I highly recommend bringing your makeup and we can touch up if needed. Be aware that the camera can capture “cakey” foundation so try not to wear an excessive amount of makeup.

If you can’t decide between glasses and contacts, I recommend wearing contacts for the session. However, go with what you are most comfortable in! We can work around the glare that may be seen on glasses.

If you plan to get your eyebrows waxed, threaded, etc, do so at least a day in advance. This is to avoid having shiny, welted, and/or red eyebrows during your session.

For outfit and posing inspiration, check out my Pinterest boards! 

Nails should be either free of polish and trimmed, or freshly painted. No chipped nail polish!

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